• Welcome Home School Parents

    If you wish to instruct your child at home and you live in the Northeastern Clinton Central School District, this website will provide you with current information on homeschooling – including the required forms and other valuable parent resources.


     Home School Forms & Information

     Letter of Intent - Due by July 1st of each school year


    This is a letter from the parent stating that their child/children will be homeschooled.  Please include the following information: your child/children's full name; grade level (so we can send the appropriate paperwork to you); the date you intend to start home instruction; and your full contact information: address, phone number and e-mail address.
    Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) - Due by August 15th

    This is a document for parents who plan to homeschool to indicate what curriculum, by subject, they will teach their child/children.  Please use the appropriate grade level form below.

    IHIP Forms

    Grade K-6 Part 1            Grade K-6 IHIP Part 2  

    Grade 7-8 Part 1             Grade 7-8 IHIP Part 2

    Grade 9 -12  Part 1         Grade 9-12 IHIP Part 2

     Submit quarterly reports based on the dates they provide in their IHIP. The grade-specific quarterly reports must include the total number of hours of instruction provided, a description of the material covered in each subject, and an evaluation in each subject or a written narrative evaluating the child's progress.

    Quarterly Reports

    Quarterly K-6

    Quarterly 7-8

    Quarterly 9-12    

     For more information, contact:

    Heidi Sample
    District Homeschool Coordinator
    Rouses Point Elementary School
    80 Maple Street
    Rouses Point, NY 12979
    Phone (518) 297 - 7211