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    Here is some important information!



    Children who are dropped off in the morning need to go directly to the cafeteria. Please do not bring them to the classroom. Children may be dropped off at school and brought to the cafeteria from 7:30-8:00.

    If your child arrives at school later than 8:00, he/she is considered tardy. A parent/guardian must walk the child to the office and sign him/her in for the day.

    When your child is absent please send in an excuse stating the date and reason why your child was absent. The office requires this information. Please let us know if your son or daughter has an illness that will cause him/her to be out of school for two or more days. This will help us plan for your child on his/her return day. Also, please keep us informed of any illnesses that are easily "shared". (strep throat, etc.)

    If you would like to pick up the work your child will miss when absent, please contact school, and I will have the material in the office for pick up.

    If your child is being picked up you must go to the office and sign him/her out (the book is in the office). Then you are to wait outside the office for your child. Please do not go to the classroom. At dismissal time your child will meet you in the cafeteria. If your child is going to be picked up early, please send in a note so we may plan accordingly. When you sign your child out let the secretary know that you need your child early. The secretary will call the classroom and notify me and your child will meet you at the office.

    If someone other than a parent is picking up your child a note must be sent to school.

    If your child is riding a different bus in the afternoon, or is going to a different location on the same bus, a note must be sent to let the school know to whom and where your child will be going.

    I realize that these procedures may seem lengthy, but they are in place to ensure the safety of the children.


    Behavior System

    The behavior system used in my classroom is called the “rainbow” behavior system.  I will be indicating on a chart the children who are following the rules and procedures correctly with a weekly behavior chart. Each week this chart will go home on Friday. Please sign the chart and return it on Monday. Some weeks if may not come home Friday; in this case it will be sent home Monday.    I would like to take this time to explain this procedure to you.

    In the classroom I have seven rectangles: pink – outstanding, purple – great job, blue – good job, green – ready to learn, yellow – slow down, orange – think about it and red – parent contact.  The students have a clothespin with their name on it (all names start on the green rectangle (ready to learn).   If misbehavior occurs I will give a warning to stop and the child will be moved to yellow (slow down).  If the warning is ignored the student’s clothespin will be moved to the orange circle (think about it).  This is considered the “caution rectangle”.  The student(s) in this rectangle need to think about the choices that he/she is making.  If misbehavior continues the clothespin is moved to the red rectangle (parent contact) – the child will sit for 5 minutes time out at recess time.  At the end of the week a chart will be sent home indicating the color that he/she was in that week.  If the child was in a red rectangle a reason will be written in the space provided.   Please note that occasionally if a child’s behavior is unsafe or extremely disrespectful he/she might be sent directly to red.

    Any student that reaches pink light throughout the day will be able to choose out of the treasure box if they are on that light at the end of the day. 



    We will be having a snack time daily. Please remember to send a "healthy" snack to school each day. Our lunch is at 10:45 and we will have snack around 1:45. Children run out of energy and a snack provides an important refueling. Candy is not allowed as a snack. The children may bring juice, water or they may drink from the water fountain.



    Birthday goodies are more than welcome. If you wish to send something in for your child's birthday please send in enough treats for 16 children. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June! Also, if you have a party for your child and would like to send in invitations to be sent home you may do so only if there is an invitation for EACH child in the room. If there is not an invitation for each child I will send the invitations back to you with a reminder of this procedure.


    Dressing For Recess

    During the fall and spring, please remind your child to wear a warm jacket for recess. We go outdoors as often as possible. During the winter months, your child will need: a winter coat, a hat, gloves/mittens, winter boots, and ski pants. The class will not be able to go out if any children are missing any of these items.


    Holiday Parties

    We will have three holiday parties-Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. As we do not need every student to bring in a treat to share, I will send a note home indicating whose turn it is to bring one in.


    Important Phone Numbers:

    Mrs. Devins:  School: 236-7373 ext. 4040

    Mooers Elementary: 236-7373

    Transportation Department: 298-8685

    Mooers Nurse: 236-5201