Northeastern Clinton CSD - Employee Computer Acceptance Agreement

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 Employee - District Computer Acceptance Agreement 
Each employee of the Northeastern Clinton Central School District must read, agree, and sign prior to receiving a district issued computer device.

  Employee Computer Acceptance Form
  Employee -- Computer Checkout Policy

All computers (laptop/tablet/chromebook) issued to a district employee by the Northeastern Clinton Central School District is to be hereby recognized as property of the district. The intended purpose of providing district computers to employees is to allow for mobility within the school district and outside of their assigned building in assisting teachers in carrying out their professional and developmental responsibilities.

Employees are allowed to take computers home as needed during the assigned school year, but they must check out and return the device through the NERIC office. All employees who are in possession of a district owned computer and intend to use it within their building, outside of their school building, or during summer months must complete the accompanying checkout form.

Employees that take computers out of the school building are responsible for the computer and accessories at all times. If the computer is damaged, lost, or stolen as a result of negligence, the employee will assume financial responsibility.

As a borrower of a district computer, I accept the following responsibilities:

1. I will follow the Northeastern Clinton Central School District - Internet and Technologies Acceptable Use Policy and Computer Acceptance Form.
2. I will use the computer for school, professional development, or designated responsibilities of their district position.
3. I will not install any software on the computer without approval by NERIC personnel. Please allow 5 school days for approved software installation.
4. I will not deface the computer (Write on or place labels on the device).
5. I will not remove District Asset Tags from the computer or carrying case.
6. I will save all documents on external or cloud storage devices.
7. I will bring the computer back to school at least monthly to allow for current security and software updates if deemed necessary by NERIC personnel.
8. I understand that the District's NERIC staff may retrieve the device at any time for security, instability or repair concerns.
9. I will report any device issues or concerns to the District's NERIC staff using district email.
10. I agree to follow the "Guidelines for Computer Care" when in possession of the device.
11. All computers must be returned to the NERIC office at the end of each school year; district administration may determine to reissue the device upon NERIC approval of device updates and/or modifications.
12. I agree that violation of these terms and said conditions outlined in this agreement and the District's Internet and Technologies Acceptable Use Policy will result in possible restriction and/or termination of use of all district technologies and may result in further discipline including, but not limited to, employment termination or legal action.

Guidelines for Computer Care

1. The computer will be transported within the provided carrying case and with accompanying power cord.
2. Employees will not attempt to repair or continue to use a damaged device.
3. The computer and device will only be used by district employees.
4. Employees will use a surge protector when the device is charging.
5. Employees will use the device on a safe and adequate surface to avoid the device from being dropped and/or damaged.
6. Employees will not leave their device in an unattended or unsafe environment (i.e. unlocked room or automobile).
7. Employees will not consume food or drink while utilizing the device.

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