2021-2022 Yearbook



      jmontanile@nccscougar.org - yearbook club advisor, Jennilee Montanile 



    2021-22 Senior Baby ads info- coming soon


    Did You Know....

    Past yearbooks created through TreeRing remain available to order 

    Yearbooks are purchased online directly from TreeRing

    Order your 2021-2022 Yearbook on treering.com by clicking the link below. 

    The NCCS middle/high school code is 1015124132033969, please enter with no spaces.

    New users will need to create an account

    The 2019, 2020 & 2021 yearbooks are available, click on the year that you wish to purchase 

    Yearbooks will be shipped to the school this year. When we have a date- we will let everyone know :) 

    TreeRing has amazing customer support! Please contact them at 1-877-755-8733 with any questions about their website



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    Senior Class of 2022

    Check your email often & please complete all google forms sent by the Yearbook Club

    Email senior photos to jmontanile@nccscougar.org, please use your name as the file name. 

    Or upload directly to treering! 

    Senior Class Photo Requirements:

    • Submission of two different photos from each senior, 1 portrait and 1 candid 
    • Photos are due by November 5th, 2021
    • Picture resolution must be at least 300dpi

    Informational emails will be sent out soon!  

    Wishing you all a wonderful school year,

    Mrs. Jennilee Montanile 



    SENIOR BABY AD's- For those of you parents who are tech savvy- this is a google form including all the information we need for baby ads- We are asking that all baby ad's are in by December 23rd, I know that is earlier than previous years- we would just like to have an awesome yearbook this year, and the earlier we have things in the better we can plan 🙂
    For those of you that are not tech savvy, no worries, we will get out paper forms also.
    All information is included, in the form.






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