Homework Policy

  •                 Homework Policy                       

    Students are assigned homework Monday through Thursday each week, and occasionally (rarely) on Fridays.  Their assignments are recorded in their agendas daily.  I do not require parents/guardians to sign agendas, but I do ask you to please check the agenda, as well as completed homework, nightly. Homework should not take longer than 30 minutes/night for your child to complete. 

    Reading:  Following a lesson in which I model a specific reading skill or strategy, students apply these skills to their own reading by spending approximately 30-45 minutes daily reading "just right" chapter books of their choice in my classroom.  In addition to this, third graders should spend about 20 minutes reading at home each day.  Students will also be assigned homework from their red, Reading Comprehension books. I am always willing and eager to help children select books that are both on their appropriate reading level, and personally relevant and interesting.   Few things are more exciting or rewarding than watching students bounce into the classroom--bursting with excitement over the new books they're reading.  I love when this happens!

    Other English Language Arts:  Assignments include writing to persuade, inform, or entertain; grammar, spelling, and vocabulary activities.  

     Math:    Nightly homework in math is always an extension of that day's in-class lesson.  This is a critical factor in securing a child's success in math.  The assignments are intended to reinforce specific math concepts, and to enhance students' learning. We use the New York State Math Modules, based on the Common Core.  Each night, students will bring home all work that was completed together in class.  Reviewing it at home should significantly help reduce any frustration in completing the homework.   

    Are you wondering how you can help your child with homework?  The following PBS link is informative.