Mr. G's Art Page

  •                                                   Welcome to Mr. G's Website!

    My name is Mr. Gallagher (though many of my students call me Mr. G). I have been teaching in the NCCS school district since 1995, but for most of those years I was at the high school.  I have only been an elementary art teacher for a few years.  So, like many of my students, I am still learning.  While I do miss working with high school students, I have found that the energy and enthusiasm generated from the students at Rouses Point has been fantastic.

                                                RULES  FOR  ART  CLASS

    1)   Treat your classmates and teacher with RESPECT.

    2)   Keep your hands to yourself.


    3)   Keep your comments POSITIVE. 


    4)  Take proper care of all art materials.


    5) Enter the room silently and then wait for instructions.


    6) You may talk quietly, as long as you are doing your work and not talking while the teacher is speaking to the class.


    7) Remain in your seat unless you have permission to get up.


    8) WORK at MY PACE! Don’t get ahead!  If I am showing STEP 3, you should not be doing STEP 5!


    9) HAVE FUN! 



    I am hoping to add more to this webpage as I become more familiar with the program.  Until then, feel free to contact me at