• May 5, 2020


    Parents & Guardians,

    All 3rd and 4th quarter report cards will only be available online via Schooltool.  Parents can use their login credentials to access Schooltool.  Once you log in go to the My Home screen you will see your student or students.  Click on the small tab to the left of your child's picture and name in order to select the student. Next click on the Grades tab. Once on this page select Marking Period Grades and Quarter 3.  This will give you a screen with grades and comments similar to the traditional printed version. Use the print icon under the School Year for a hard copy of the report card. 
    If you do not have a Schooltool account and you would like one please email Mrs. Kelly Menard at kmenard@nccscougar.org.  If you have questions about grades please email the appropriate individual teacher. Other questions can be addressed by Guidance Counselor Mrs. Amber Beggs at abeggs@nccscougar.org or Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Rebecca Whitney at rwhitney@nccscougar.org.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. 
    Tom Brandell
    Middle School Principal