• This Software Preview Request form will be used to ensure that the Northeastern Clinton CSD selects and tracks appropriate instructional software that supports instructional and curriculum goals. All software requests should be submitted by January 15th for purchases for the next school year.

    Request to Preview Software:

    • The Teacher / Department will contact the software vendor regarding a trail preview and evaluate the tool for curriculum and instructional purposes prior to completion of the Software Preview Request form.
    • The Teacher / Department completes our Software Preview Request Form and submits the completed form to the District's Educational Technology Integration Specialist for review and sharing with the District Technology Subcommittee.
    • The District Educational Technology Integration Specialist will submit a completed Software Preview Request form to both the Building Principal for preview and NERIC staff in-house for evaluation of network compatibility.
    • The District Educational Technology Integration Specialist will use the Software Preview Request form along with a discussion from the Teacher / Department, Building Principal, NERIC staff, Technology Subcommittee, and Business Office prior to the approval decision.
    • The Teacher / Department will be notified of request approval or denial by the District Educational Technology Integration Specialist.
    • The Teacher / Department will complete a Software Requisition form and submit to their Building Principal who will submit to the Business Office.