School Supplies

  • Kindergarten School Supply List:


    1. A box of 24 crayons
    2. A pencil box (hard and approximately 8x5x2)
    3. Scissors
    4. Sharpened yellow pencils (please don’t purchase pencils with plastic decorated covers since they break the sharpeners)
    5. 2 black low odor dry erase markers with a fine point
    6. 12 glue sticks
    7. Sneakers and socks for Physical Education – We will let you know the days we have Physical Education at Kindergarten Orientation.
    8. A backpack large enough to hold a folder, sneakers and a lunchbox – please do not purchase one with wheels (children tend to trip over them and get hurt). When choosing a backpack, please keep this in mind – Is your child able to open and close the zippers?
    9. A complete change of clothes that your child can easily change into (shirt, sweatpants, socks and underclothing) in a plastic bag (with the name on the bag) – incase of spills or accidents
    10. 2 boxes of tissues (We use one box at a time – this should be enough to get through the year.)
    11. 2 packages of baby wipes


    * Please label the pencil box & scissors with your child’s name!