• Unit 2

    • Students will blend, read and spell three sound short vowel words.
    •  Students will learn or review by memory: a, and, the. These are called "Trick Words."
    • Students will learn capitalization, punctuation, and word spacing for sentence dictation.

    Unit 3

    • Students will learn that a digraph is two consonants together that make one sound.

    sh - ship /sh/ ch – chin /ch/ ck – sock /k/

    wh –whiste /wh/ th – thumb /th/

    • Students will review qu queen /kw/
    • New trick words: to, a, was, for , he, is, as, his, has

    Unit 4

    • Students will learn the bonus letter rule: When a one syllable word ends in an f, l, or s, a second f, l, or s is added when spelling the word.
    • Students will learn the sound of all as in ball, tall and wall. When there is a bonus letter after the letter a, the sound of a changes.
    • New trick words: you, we, I, they, one, said

    Unit 5

    •  Students will learn the glued sounds am- ham- /am/ and an- fan- /an/

     New trick words: from, or, have

    Unit 6

    •  Students will learn how to add suffix –s to a baseword. For example, cat is the the baseword in cats.
    • New trick words: were, her, put, there, what, she, been, by, who

    Unit 7

    • Students will learn the following glued sounds:

    ang - fang - /ang/ ing – ring - /ing/

    ong-song-/ong/ ung-lung-/ung/,

    ank-bank-/ank/ ink-pink-/ink/,

    onk-honk-/onk/ unk-junk-/unk/

    •  New trick words: out, so, are, two, about, into, only, other, new

    Unit 8

    • Blends: A blend is two consonants together that each make a sound, as in the word "s t op". A blend can be at the beginning or end of a word.
    •  New trick words: sock, could, want, say, do, first, any, my, now