Spanish IA

  • What is Spanish IA?

    Spanish IA is a is the first half of a two year Middle School program designed to give students the opportunity to earn a High School credit.

    Will there be a lot of work?

    There will be about 10 (graded) homework assignments per quarter.  Each "vocabulary list" will have a quiz on the vocabulary and grammar covered for that "Lesson".  There will also be an RVQ (Random Vocab Quiz) every week or so on 10-15 words selected from the vocabulary list.  Each "Unit" has two "Lessons".  After the second lesson quiz there will be a Unit Test.  We will cover 3 units plus the "Leccion Preliminar".

    The students will also be required to do a "quarter assignment" (or two) each quarter.  They have until the end of the quarter to complete the assignment(s).  Students will receive a 100 for successfull completion or a 0 for not successfully completing it.  The students have as many chances as they need to earn the 100.

    How will the students be graded?

    Quizzes, tests, and RVQs make up 60% of the average.  RVQs can be retaken to improve the grade.  It will be the same RVQ taken over with the two grades averaged together.  Homework makes up 40%. The students receive 2 grades per HW assignment: the grade for the assignment and the "responsibility grade". The responsibility grade works as follows: 100 for handing it in on time, 50 for handing it in late and 0 if the student needs to be assigned a Before School Detention in order to get them to do the assignment. Please note that students will not be able to hand in an incomplete HW assignment just to get the 100 for the responsibility grade.

    What will my student need for class?

    Every day the student will need to bring something to write with and a Spanish folder (a folder dedicated only to Spanish).