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  • A homework book will be handed out at the beginning of the school year.  Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.  I try not to give homework on the weekend.  There are 5 pages of homework per week and the weeks are numbered. Each numbered week has an A,B,C,D and a quiz page.  That is five pages per week.  Page A will be done together as a group on the first day of the week to ensure students know how to show their work and have a clear understanding of the concepts covered.   B is due on Tuesday, C is due on Wednesday, D is due on Thursday,  and the "Quiz" page is due on Friday. 

    Should we have shorter weeks I will notify students of any changes in the due dates.

    Students will receive two grades for homework each week; one, a homework responsibility grade and, two, a skill grade on the Quiz page.  After practicing the homework all week, students should be able to get a 100 on the quiz. 

    Below, I have included copies of all the weeks of homework should your child forget their book at school.  You can simply print out a  copy of the homework and have your child complete it at home.  If you do not have a printer students may write the problems down and solve it on a separate sheet of paper.

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