Algebra 2 - Grade 11 & 10

  • Algebra 2 (11th grade & 10th grade)

    Course Syllabus

    School Year: 2020 - 2021

    Instructor: K. Ashline

    Credit: 1 High School Credit

    Textbook: booklets for homework and notes are posted on-line

    Course Description:  Algebra 2 is the capstone course of the three units of credit required for an Advanced Regents diploma. This course is a continuation and extension of the two courses that preceded it. While developing the algebraic techniques that will be required of those students that continue their study of mathematics, this course is also intended to continue developing alternative solution strategies. Within this course, the number system will be extended to include imaginary and complex numbers. The families of functions to be studied will include polynomials, radical, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions.  Problems resulting in systems of equations will be solved graphically and algebraically. Arithmetic and geometric sequences will be expressed in multiple forms, and arithmetic and geometric series will be evaluated. Binomial experiments will provide a basis for the study of probability theory and the normal probability distribution will be analyzed for these experiments. Right triangle trigonometry will be expanded to include the investigation of circular functions. Problem situations requiring the use of trigonometric equations and identities will also be investigated. Students may need to sit for a NYS Common Core Algebra II Regents Examination at the end of this course, unless it is waived due to COVID-19.

    Items used during this class:

    a.  Writing utensils: pens (no green ink accepted) and/or pencils

    b.  Notebook: loose-leaf or spiral

    c.  Calculator: may be used on all quizzes, tests, and regents. Since many scientific calculators now have the ability to do symbolic notation, they will NOT be allowed on any graded assignments. Graphing calculators will ONLY be used on any graded assignment. If you have one that is great, but if not, one will be provided for the regents and we will download apps to your chromebooks or phones to be used during class.

    Grades for this course will be based on a composite of performance in:

    1.  Tests (35%): Tests will be given periodically throughout the course and will cover all of the material in a basic unit of study, along with questions from previous units. Tests will always be announced ahead of time and must be made up if they are missed on the assigned day.

    Any student who is in the Regents Common Core Algebra II class must take the regents, unless it is waived by the State, which will count as their final exam and will be administered in June.  If there is no regents, then a local final will most likely be administered.

    2. Quizzes (30%): Student’s retention of course content will be assessed periodically and a grade will be given. The quizzes will be limited in scope and length and most quizzes will not be announced ahead of time. It is the student’s responsibility to make up the quiz within two days or they forfeit the makeup option. 

    3. Classwork & Homework (25%): Classwork will need to be completed by the end of class and handed in for a grade. Some of the homework assignments will be collected and graded, but the majority will be spot-checked. If the student’s grade for a spot-checked homework assignment is zero, then the “make-up” assignment will be worth only half credit.Students will be given bonus questions before each test, which will help them better prepare/study for the test. These bonus points will be placed in the classwork/homework category.

    4. Class Participation / Teacher Evaluation (10%): This grade will include daily attendance, student behavior, classroom participation, daily work effort, and class preparation. (Preparation includes a student’s ability to bring required materials to class on a daily basis).

    5. Final Average:This grade is found by each Quarterly grade being doubled and the Final counting once.

    All grades may be accessed at any time on my web page for the school: . If for any reason you are having a difficult time accessing the grades, please notify me immediately and I will walk you through the procedure. Share this information with your parents so that they can be informed as to your successes in the class!!

    Mathematics is a subject, which will require the BEST of all possible attendance. If it is necessary to be out of class, please…

    (1) call a classmate to find out the assignment and the material covered in class.

    (2) call the office and have your assignments sent home.

    (3) e-mail me at during the day so that I can let you know what you are missing.

    (4) report to me upon your return to be sure your work is “up-to-date”.

    Absences will cause you to possibly fall behind the class. This is a fact of life, and is not a punishment to anyone. According to our school attendance policy, a student must not exceed 18 days per school year for a full year course. As per the attendance policy, students who miss more than 18 days will not receive course credit.

    Family Vacation:  Students who take vacation trips during the school year shall be considered unexcused absence.  It will be the obligation of the parent and the student to see that work missed is made up, and if necessary, secure a tutor without undue demand upon the classroom teacher.  In addition, the following will be expected:

    (1)  Notification should be given three days prior to leaving, if work is being requested.

    (2)  All work assigned will be due the first day the student returns to school or zeros will be assigned.

    (3)  All assessments missed during vacations will be made up the first day the student returns to school or zeros will be assigned.

    (4)  If the grade book closes prior to the students return due to the end of a marking quarter.  Then the work will need to be done before leaving or zeros will be assigned to all missing assignments and assessments.