Finite Syllabus

  • Instructor:                             Patricia K. Stein


    Course Title:                          Finite / Modeling for Decision Making 110


    Course Area:                         Mathematics


    Credit Hours:                                    3                                              Contact Hours:          3


    Prerequisite(s):                      Successful completion of three high school credits in math and the Math A exam.

    Course Description:

    This is an introductory course in using mathematics as a basis for making logical decisions. The course will include the algebra of linear equations and inequalities and the solution of linear equations needed to solve linear programming problems geometrically. Other topics include set theory, matrices, basic statistics and the analysis of graphs.


    Course Objectives:

    Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    1.         Understand the connection between operations on sets and logical operations

    2.         Be able to analyze a graph

    3.         Perform algebraic manipulations on linear equations and inequalities

    4.         Solve a system of equations

    5.         Graph linear equations

    6.         Graph a system of linear inequities to determine a feasible set

    7.         Solve a linear programming problem geometrically and analyze the solution

    8.         Perform matrix operations and use matrices to analyze models from economics and other


    9.         Use some basic ideas from statistics to analyze data

    10.       Use a spreadsheet program as a tool to study statistics and matrices


    Student Evaluation:

    Students may be evaluated on a combination of class participation, hour exams, quizzes, homework, projects and final exam.

    Principal Resources:

    1.         Tan 8; Finite Mathematics, For the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences

    2.         Excel Program

    3.         TI 83+ Graphing Calculator

    Course Content/Outline:

    I.          Sets, operations on sets, Venn diagrams and using Venn diagrams for counting

    II.        Analysis of graphs from different sources, such as graphs generated from actual data or

    from newspapers and magazines

    III.       The coordinate system and graphs of lines

    IV.       Algebra of linear equations and inequalities

    V.        Solve systems of linear equations

    VI.       Graph feasible sets

    VII.     Solve linear programming problems

    VIII.    Operations on matrices and applications

    IX.       Statistics

    Grading Policy:


    The quarter grade for this course will be from four pieces of data.


    Test Average = 40%

    Quiz Average = 25%

    Projects/Class Work = 25%

    Teacher Evaluation = 10%


    Tests are usually on full chapters and are announced, scored out of 100%. 

    Make ups will not exceed 1 per semester.


    Teacher evaluation is scored out of 100% and is based on your class average and class participation.

    This may include but is not limited to such things as:

    Seeking help when having difficulty




    Respect for others

    Availability of materials

    Compliance with school rules.





    The Final Grade is the average of the 5 scores, 2 quarter scores doubled and the Final Exam counts once.




    Most colleges will require a C(70) or better to transfer credits.