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IMail for Faculty & Staff
2014 - 2015 Emergency / School Closing Information

School closing due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions will be announced using our district's Automated Messaging System to contact all families that have a phone number on file with the school and an announcement will be made on the following radio and television stations:

Note:  Most school closing decisions will be made prior 5:45 AM; mediums above will be contacted immediately.

If there are any UNUSED SNOW/EMERGENCY DAYS they will be used in this order.  **Changed effective March 10, 2014.

Day (s) Remaining

Date (s)

1 May 22nd
2 May 26th
3 March 27th
4 March 26th
5 May 1st

If EXTRA SNOW/EMERGENCY DAYS are needed they will be added to the calendar in the following order to ensure 180 days of instruction.

Day (s) Needed Date (s)
1 March 30th
2 March 31st
3 April 1st
4 April 2nd
5 April 3rd

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